What is a fingernail analysis?

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A fingernail analysis is a common Ayurvedic practice (called Nakha Pariksha) that can provide a strong indicator of possible health issues or imabalances occurring in the body.

What is Shirodhara?

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The most divine of ancient Ayurvedic rituals, Shirodhara calms the mind and awakens the body’s intuitive knowledge. It is profoundly relaxing and nourishing while improving mental clarity and comprehension. A continuous flow of warm, herbal oil is poured in a slow, steady stream onto the forehead awakening the third eye and crown chakras. Vata Dosha* [...]

Do you offer cancer prevention?

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Mainstream treatments for cancer are usually a waste of time ad money. Early detection should not be used as a means to shuttle people into radiation, surgery or chemotherapy. I teach clients to beat cancer through the use of nutrition, targeted supplements and therapeutic modalities and much more.

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